Reverse Mortgage Marketing Proposal | July 16th 2018

Prepared by Jackson Middleton | KiltedMedia
Prepared for Nicolle Dupont

Summary of Initial Meeting

Nicolle, thanks for connecting with me on Friday July 13th, in the afternoon. Here is a quick outline of what I took away from the conversation and the foundation that I have based the following proposal:

  • You’re looking to develop a website that sets you up as an authority for Reverse Mortgages in targeted geographic locations. Specifically Kamloops BC.
  • You want the website built on WordPress for ease of use and significant SEO benefit.
  • You understand the need for a content marketing strategy that employs both syndicated and unique content published as part of a blog and pages on your website.
  • You have a company that you trust to handle your Google Ad word management and your ongoing SEO.
  • You understand that it takes time to build an online presense strictly using organic SEO and would like to develop materials to target your niche market with online advertising.

As such, here is what I propose would be the best marketing solution for you, the cost associated, and the clear outline of responsibilities by everyone involved.


The ClientSite

A site designed to be your primary point of contact online for clients. It will showcase you as a product expert in a specific geographic location.



Using our clientsite framework to build out a website on, the site will be designed to target people specifically looking for reverse mortgages in Kamloops BC.

It will set you up as a product expert, be simple to follow, and have clear calls to action. It will have a blog section included, and will be able to grow with your business goals.

We will build the site on WordPress, and install Yoast SEO, and work with your existing SEO team anytime they need access to the site. We will host the site on our dedicated server and add an SSL encryption certificate, which will increase your SEO. Also, We will add any plugins or custom code necessary to integrate with your SEO team.

Website Maintenance

Having a great website that meets your online goals is a great first step, but keeping that website up to date is just as important. We offer low cost annual maintenance plans for all the websites we build which include the following:

Hosting on our dedicated server, SSL encryption, site backups, regular maintenance, plugin updates, security updates, unlimited minor content revisions, custom formatting for blog content, tech support, and delegate access. As you will be working with an SEO company, we will provide them all the access they need to the site to do their job.

Basically, we take care of everything so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We’re your “people”.

$995 per year for maintenance.

Our goal is to write content targeting people considering a reverse mortgage with the idea “what would I do with increased financial freedom”. They are topical and focused on one financial issue at a time.

As HomEquity has just done a rebrand, we will be using more of their marketing materials as they become available. Assuming they build you as the expert.


$495 for six months of content.

Blog Content

Having your website updated regularly with content is a very important part in any SEO plan.

We can offer a base layer of syndicated content meant to provide depth to your site. Your initial website will come with 3 articles to ‘seed the blog’. From there, we can publish a monthly article to your blog, and provide you with the appropriately sized Facebook and Google Ad word images for your paid advertising campaigns.

As for unique content, we have a relationship with Cindy Freiman from Creative Soul Communications who will be able to write specific articles at your direction and cost. We will publish these articles to your site at no extra cost. I can make an introduction if you like to deal with Cindy directly, or if you’d like me to manage that process for you, I certainly don’t mind doing that. I can get you a price list and provide guidance. Let me know.

For the base content in a niche market we charge $995 for 12 articles. However, as you’ve indicated that you’re looking to see how things develop over 6 months, I certainly don’t mind charging you semi-annually for the content. $495 for six months of content.

Let’s Get Started!

I believe the following is required to accomplish the goals outlined in our initial conversation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime!

  • Website designed specially to target Reverse Mortgage clients. $2295
  • Annual maintenance. $995
  • Six months of blog content with social media sharing package. $495


Total Cost: $3785 plus tax.


We require a deposit of 50% to get the project started. From there the remainder would be due upon completion. Our estimated completion date would be 10 business days from the time we gain access to your domain. However, if we aren’t able to access your domain, or issues arise that are beyond our control (no response from your SEO team for example) the outstanding balance would be due within 10 business days of when we completed our work (building the site). Of course we will make sure to liaise ongoing with you and your SEO team. We don’t expect this to be an issue, but just wanted to have something outlined in case something did happen.

If you would like to proceed, please let me know and I will send you an invoice that can be paid online. Also please send along the username and password to your GoDaddy account and we can get started right away with the tech side of the transfer.

If you have any questions please email me anytime.

Let's work together!

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