Marketing Proposal | May 8th, 2018.

Prepared by Jackson Middleton

Prepared for Donna & Daniel Lewczuk

Hello Donna and Daniel, thanks for opportunity to talk with you this morning about your marketing. I figured it would make sense to write a single proposal addressed to both of you as I believe there could be some product overlap. I realize that you want to keep your marketing separate, and we will do that, but I certainly don’t mind trying to keep your costs down by sharing a single content subscription between both of you.

Below you will find a recap of our marketing strategy with my suggestions for the products that would best suit your needs at this time.

Why KiltedMedia?

We understand that your time is better spent writing mortgages than it is crafting marketing materials. We also understand that it’s hard to outsource your marketing with confidence because of the intricacies in the mortgage industry. As we work exclusively with mortgage professionals in Canada and we got our start in writing mortgages, not marketing, we truly know your business and are happy to partner with you. Let us handle your marketing, together we can take your business to the next level, and you can be closing more deals.


Here’s the plan



Most successful mortgage professionals in Canada are great with people. This is a relationship business. When someone passes your name, and you get googled, what comes up? How many people have looked for you online, but didn’t find anything that inspired them to call you? Being referable online starts with a responsive website that is kept up to date with mortgage content.


Internal Marketing

Once you have a solid online presense, the next step is to be present with your existing clients. They already know you, like you, and have trusted you. You should have multiple connection points with these people. They are your best chance to get warm leads through referrals. You need an online and offline strategy to stay in touch. Those strategies should work in tandem.


External Marketing

Only once you have a solid online presense and you have a plan in place to keep in front of your existing clients, should you consider external marketing to attract new clients online. The goal here is to be very specific with the type of clients you want to work with, both on a product and a location bases. The shotgun approach to online marketing is a terrible idea.



With a solid online presence, a plan in place to connect with your existing clients both online and offline, and a targeted marketing campaign to reach new clients, you’re bound to generate more leads, talk with more potential clients, get in front of people who value your service, and in turn you can expect to grow your mortgage business exponentially.




Donna, let’s start with your website. The site you have now at is somewhat dated and doesn’t look to be updated that often. The site looks to be built on WordPress, but has a lot going on, especially in the menus. It is responsive, but lacks somewhat on the mobile experience. A newer styled website, kept up to date with content would certainly help you to be more referable online and will encourage more people to reach out and contact you.

As you have a lot of different financing options available, it would make sense for you to go with more of a broker style website. This one pager will display all the relevant information on the front page of the site, but we’d also be able to showcase the different services you provide, and link to a back page with specific calls to action for each product or service. You also mentioned that you have an SEO company that you’re working with, we can play nice in the sandbox and can give them all the access to the site they need.

Daniel, you’re using the DLC template site, although you have done some customization to bring the testimonials to the front, the site is still really about DLC and not you. There are certainly limitations by using the DLC site, as you have mentioned.

As you like to keep things simple, and feel you could contribute to the blog regularly, my suggestion would be to go with our blog site. We could set this up on as your site. The cost is minimal, and the impact would be more than what you’re getting with the DLC site. The content would become the focus, and you could use the content you write to reach out to your clients.


Have a look at our three options below. As we build sites with user experience in mind, we limit customization, but we promise it’ll look hot and you’ll love it.

The Blogsite

Ideal if you already have a decent website but need a platform to display your content.


The BrokerSite

A simple and clean website designed with user experience in mind.


The ClientSite

A site designed using a customized “Brand Script” with a client sales focus.



As discussed, content published to your blog is a great way to keep your site up to date and allows you to be “current”, people want to see a proof of life on your site, and an updated blog accomplishes this. Having the content published to your blog also gives you material to share with your existing clients. This can be through social media, or a newsletter. The point is, rather than sharing articles that drive people away from you, and to someone else (ex National Post or Globe and Mail), share articles that are on your blog, driving them to you!

For the sake of the content, I would consider you a team, so if you both decide to move ahead with the websites, I can sell you one content package, and publish it to both your sites at the same time. Basically a two for one deal. This would include formatting any custom content you want published to either of your sites.


We publish relevant mortgage blog content to your site while you’re working on writing mortgages. Below are three sample articles.

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24 ARTICLES – $995/Year
This includes site maintenance, security updates, and custom content formatting.




A very easy way to stay in touch with your existing clients is to employ a newsletter. Our belief is that you can’t automate authenticity, so to be successful with a newsletter, the process won’t be completely hands off. But, we can take care of the initial setup, that is loading your existing clients into Mailchimp, so you can communicate with them. We can also help with formatting each newsletter before it goes out, and add links to the content on your blog. However, to really connect with your clients, it would be best if you wrote a blurb each newsletter, to add some personalization.

I wanted to outline this as a product we offer, and it might be a good fit for both of you, however I really believe that before we move forward with a newsletter setup, it would be best to make sure you are as referable online as you can be. Sites and content come first, once that is setup and working properly, a newsletter might be a good option! So no rush here, we can always circle back.


Mailchimp is our newsletter service provider of choice. We can set you up with a Mailchimp account, export your existing client database from Filogix and import the CSV, design a custom email template with header and footer, send out an initial email to your database, and create subscribe buttons on your website or provide you with the API.

Newsletters keep you top of mind with your clients and generate referrals

Mailchimp Database Setup $495
Newsletter $45/post or bundle 6 for $245

We’re currently working on new products that can be used in Phase 2, but they aren’t ready yet. Let us know if you want to be contacted when we roll out our online/offline drip campaigns.



Let’s manage Phase 1 and 2 first, then move onto Phase 3 once they’re both in place. Online advertising and SEO campaigns to attract new leads are best done after you are referable online, and have a plan in place to generate referrals from your existing client database.

Let’s Get Started!

Based on our conversation, here are my recommendations for each of you. Your starting point includes:

  • Donna – Broker site: $1495 plus tax
  • Daniel – Blogsite: $495 plus tax
  • Joint – a single content subscription that covers both of you: $995 plus tax for 2 articles per month to each of your blogs.
  • Newsletter – I think we can wait on this, but I’m more than happy to set it up if you want to move ahead with it.

Now, in the conversation I mentioned the marketing framework that is outlined in the book “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller. We have recently partnered with Jon Morrison from Get Clear Consulting, Jon is a certified story brand guide and is incredible to work with, tremendous value. I can set up a call with him if you’d like to learn more about the Story Brand framework.

Jon offers a two hour coaching call where he works through your marketing plan with you and writes a brand script that can be used to frame all your future marketing. I bet he’d be willing to do a call with both of you on the line at the same time, but I’d have to check with him.

Here is a link to the first 3 chapters of the book, have a look and let me know what you think, if you want to pursue this further, I will make an introduction to Jon.

If you have any questions please email me anytime.

Your Estimated timeline to complete these projects as outlined would be: 10-14 business days.

For your convenience I have prepared an invoice that includes my recommendations from above. If this sounds like the direction you want to go, click the button below, pay the invoice online with your credit card, and we will get started on making you more referable online. If you want the invoice broken up to expense separately, I don’t mind doing that, I’ll just split the content subscription cost between the two invoices.