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Be More referable online with a

custom NDLC Personal Agent Website

This marketing offer is from KiltedMedia. You’re not obligated to purchase this.

You need a website that...

1| shows up first when someone googles your name.
2| shows potential clients you understand their needs.
3| gives them confidence that you’re actively brokering.
4| sets you up as their guide and gives them a plan.
5| encourages them to contact you.
6| grows with your business needs.

Does your current DLC template do that? 

The Limited Time Offer

Everything you need for just $2,485

$745 + tax

25% Off a New Website

For $995 $745 we’ll set you up with an NDLC WordPress theme. Not sure you want to go all in with the corporate branding? No problems, we’re more than happy to build a personalized site for $995 while still including the extras in this special offer. The site belongs to you, not us, you paid for it!


6 Months FREE Content

We’ll publish biweekly content to your website. If after 6 months you’d like to continue with the content subscription, we can invoice you either $95 per month or $995 per year. However, if the content isn’t a great fit, we will repurpose your blog into a mortgage resources section.

1 Year FREE Maintence

We’ll waive your first year $495 annual maintenance fee. This includes: hosting on our dedicated server, SSL Encryption, security updates, site theme and plugin updates and subscriptions, unlimited content revisions, and tech support. We’ve got you covered.

What You Should Know

Here’s the thing… unfortunately, the DLC template website you have now is more like an online business card than a functioning website. It showcases DLC, not you, it’s hard to customize, and it’s not inspiring anyone to contact you. There’s no doubt you’re missing opportunities to convert people who’ve been referred to you and are “checking you out online”.

A website should do way more than just provide your contact information, it should let clients know you understand their situation, set you up as their guide, give them a plan, and encourage them to contact you. You owe it to those people who are referring you, to be as referable as possible.

At this special price, even if your new site only generates one new lead, it will pay for itself two to three times over.

Use the contact box below to let us know you’d like to proceed. We’ll send an invoice that can be paid online, and once we have access to your domain (our tech team will handle everything for you), we’ll have the site built within 8 business days. Let’s do this!

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