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Phase One | Be Referable

You need a website that looks good on any device, is kept up to date, with clear calls to action.

This builds trust with clients who are “checking you out” online.

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A Website That Drives Consumer Action

Most successful mortgage professionals in Canada are great with people, but maybe not so great with understanding how the look online. This is a relationship business, we’re guessing that the majority of your clients come through referrals from existing clients or business partners. So ask yourself, when someone passes along your name, and you get googled, what comes up? If the answer is a stock company website, or worse yet, nothing… you’ve got a problem.

The key to being referable online is to have a website that converts the people who are “checking you out” online. A good website will stand for you and connect with the people who actually already want to talk with you. What they’re looking for is proof that you want their business, you should probably give it to them.

Being referable online starts with a website that looks good on any device, and tells the site visitor how they can contact you. Although this may sound simple, it’s not very commonplace in the mortgage industry. At KiltedMedia we don’t set out to make pretty websites, our goal is to design websites that drive consumer action, the fact that they look good is a bonus! So here is how it works…

$495 | Site Maintenance

It starts here. Regardless of which style of website you choose, we charge $495 per year to manage your website. This covers your hosting, SSL encryption, site security, tech support, minor revisions, and content updates. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Then choose the site best suited for you

The BlogSite

If you already have an existing website, the BlogSite is the perfect platform to setup as a subdomain to showcase your blog content.


Standalone BrokerSite

Not ready for a blog just yet? That’s cool, the standalone BrokerSite is a solid one-pager designed with your customer’s experience in mind.


BlogSite + BrokerSite

The best of both worlds, combine the BrokerSite and BlogSite to build a full service website that has the ability to grow with your business.



Keep Your Website Up To Date

One of the biggest problems with writing a blog is actually finding the time to write a blog. It’s a lot of work. And as the mortgage industry is so specific, it’s a hard thing to outsource. That’s where we come in. Jackson Middleton started in the mortgage industry in 2007 as a broker, built his business on social media and content marketing, and only left brokering to found KiltedMedia in 2014. He remains very in tune with what is going on in the industry and writes articles for your blog from his personal experience as a broker.

So why is a blog important? Interestingly enough, It’s not really the subject matter of the content itself that’s important, but rather the fact that you have the content on your site in the first place that matters at all. You see, it has to do with client experience, when someone is “checking you out” online they’re subconsciously looking for what we call “proof of life” or “currency”. They want to know that if they send you a message, you’ll get back to them. An updated blog gives them this confidence.

Example Articles

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Is your time better spent writing mortgages or blog content?

We create and publish content to your blog so you don’t have to.

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Pricing for Our Blog Content is Very Straightforward. 


$995 will get you 24 articles published semi-monthly for a year,


Or if you’d prefer weekly content published to your blog, add another $495.