Here is a short list of what we do for our clients.

Personal Branding

Before you spend time & money figuring out how to get people to find you online,  you should first consider what they will find when they find you. We believe you should be as referable online as you are in person.

Web Design

We will build you a mobile responsive WordPress website with a minimalist, modern design that will be very easy for your clients to navigate. Your website will be easy to update and have clear calls to action. A professional website is a requirement to do business in 2016.

Mortgage Blog Content

Okay so you already have a great looking website, now what? Updates! We provide a monthly subscription service that publishes industry specific blog content to your site regularly, keeping it current. Simply put we keep your site updated so you can spend more time with clients.

Social Media

You have the website, you have the content… don’t keep it a secret, share it with your networks! We believe that you are the best person to manage the relationships on your social profiles, but there is nothing wrong with automating some of the messaging! Social media strategy, automation, and execution is what we are about.

We work exclusively with mortgage brokers. We build websites that are responsive and easy to navigate. We create & publish industry specific content offered through a monthly subscription service. We help mortgage brokers with personal branding and generating referrals online.

Meet The Team

Here is a little bit about who we are.

Jackson Middleton @KiltedBroker

Jackson Middleton @KiltedBroker

Content Manager | Owner

I am a family man living on Vancouver Island with my wife and 4 kids. I was a mortgage broker for many years but left that to pursue my passion in social media and marketing. I am wearing a kilt right now. I have consumed coffee today. I’m an innovator, entrepreneur, food enthusiast, industry player & bass player. And I don’t own pants << That is a true fact. My professional bio can be found below.
Cheryl Phillips

Cheryl Phillips

Creative Director

Hey! I am a wife and a new mom. My family is the reason I do what I do. Graphic design is my creative outlet. Sitting at the computer with my baby girl in my arms creating visuals is on the top of my list of favourite things to do. To me, graphic design is a language – I love figuring out different ways of expressing ideas through visual media. I also like cool stuff. 

Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray

Account Manager

Hi! I’m Amanda. I am originally from Ontario, but moved to Vancouver Island BC. with my husband and daughter in 2014. I love to snowboard, spend time outside, and see new things. I work from home and do a little bit of everything here including: researching, fact checking, formatting, updating, administrating, and scheduling. Unlike Jackson, I own quite a few pairs of pants.

The KiltedBroker

Here is a summary of my professional mortgage career.

In my 7 year career as a mortgage broker, I personally handled over 2500 mortgage applications (direct referrals) and funded over $120M in volume. I held status at several lenders while maintaining a 90%+ funding ratio. I sat on the CAAMP Saskatchewan broker council and contributed to provincial regulation reform.

I have hosted over 40 mortgage industry podcasts with Canadian Mortgage Hangout #cmhTV. I’m Currently producing and co-host of the #BecauseMoney personal finance podcast and oversee the production of WIMI Talks. I spent time as the technical producer for the I love Mortgage Brokering Podcast #ILMB, while I have also been a part of winning several industry awards including:

  • 2014 Finalist CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards | Best Internet Presence #cmhTV
  • 2014 Winner CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards | Best Branding #OwnGrowProtect Blog
  • 2013 & 2014 Jamie Sarner Top 50 Real Estate Blogs in Canada | 11 of 50 2013, 8 of 50 2014,
  • 2013 Finalist Canadian Weblog Awards | Best Finance Blog

In November of 2014, I officially traded writing mortgages for creating mortgage content and founded KiltedMedia. Let’s talk about putting my industry specific knowledge & experience to work for you!

Gord McCallum and I started talking about working together in late 2012. In early 2013 we finalized the acquisition of Highland Mortgage Partners by First Foundation. It was a great fit for both of us, First Foundation was looking to expand into Saskatchewan and take their marketing to the next level and I was looking to join a company with more reach while moving from full time brokering to full time marketing. Win win.

Also, I loved the fact that First Foundation was not only a mortgage brokerage but they also had an in house insurance division and a financial planning office. 3 divisions, Own Grow Protect.

While at First Foundation, I held a few different positions including:

  • Principal Broker of First Foundation Residential Mortgages in Saskatchewan.
  • Executive Editor of the #OwnGrowProtect Blog.
  • VP of Sales and Marketing (All 3 Divisions).

After spending almost 3 years as an independent mortgage agent, in 2010 I decided it was time to work for myself so I founded Highland Mortgage Partners and affiliated with Axiom. My goal was to grow my own mortgage business and someday employ hundreds of agents and rake in the big cash. Wow, was I ever in for a rude awakening.

My time at Highland Mortgage Partners was an incredible learning experience. While I set out to grow a team and train new brokers to build a company, after a couple years of investing in brokers who didn’t pan out, I realized my time was best spent investing in myself and building my personal book of business.

So from 2010 to 2013, I broke away from the corporate mold and grew Highland Mortgage Partners almost exclusively by referral through the use of content marketing and social media. The skills I developed here laid the foundation for the rest of my career. Eventually my knowledge in social media, personal branding and content marketing led to the acquisition of Highland Mortgage Partners by First Foundation in early 2013.

Looking back, it was quite a process, there was no real aha moment, just a lot of learning, failing, trial and error, and innovating. I finally realized my passion was for communication, marketing, social media and content creation and NOT for managing people. Needless to say I have a lot of respect for broker owners who manage big teams… but I know now that I am certainly not cut out for that job.

In 2006, I was operating a profitable delivery business when I got interested in the real estate market. At that time, in Regina SK, property was CHEAP. I was actually looking at purchasing a house for $15k. << Yep Fifteen Thousand Dollars. So I went to a mortgage broker and got declined for a mortgage, then I went to a banker, declined again… back to another broker, declined. I couldn’t believe it, I had good credit, I had decent income, I had a downpayment… why was I getting declined?

I eventually partnered with my parents and purchased 4 properties in early 2007 and the housing market subsequently went through the roof. We ended up selling very quickly and I took my profit and with roughly 2 years income in the bank I decided to give mortgage brokering a shot. In April of 2007 I signed the paperwork and started my mortgage career with a Mortgage Alliance franchise, Premier Mortgage Group.

I owe a lot of my early success to a wonderful partnership with a wonderful REALTOR®. We got tied into a nice little condo project that exploded and I was able to generate a lot of referrals. In my second year as a broker I won the “Master’s Club Award” and in 2009 I wrote over 100 mortgages before I decided to go independent and founded Highland Mortgage Partners.

Oh, and looking back, I was declined for a mortgage 3 separate times because I was simply not looking to spend enough money. I presented them with the scenario of needing a mortgage on $15K when the lowest any lender would go was Resmor Trust at $35k. What a missed opportunity, no one ever said I could qualify for more! By my math, I should have been good for $270k.

Random Numbers

Gonna be honest here, not sure how much value these add to the site, but we really like them!

Number of Coffees We Drink Per Month

Number of Blog Posts Published

Number of @KiltedBroker Tweets

Year We Were Established (Apparently Bragging How Long Your Company Has Been In Business Is a Thing)


Here is the cost for our services.


Professional Website

Pricing plans starting at
  • Has 2009 been calling… do they want their website back? Seriously… if your current website is a national brokerage template, It’s not current at all, you need a new one.
  • We build websites with 3 things in mind. Our sites are responsive (look clean on desktop, tablet and phone), are easy to update and have clear calls to action.
  • In 2016 nearly three-quarters of mortgage clients went online when gathering information about mortgages. Did they find what they were looking for from you… or did they go somewhere else?
I Need One Of These!

Social Media Sharing

Pricing plans starting at
  • If you have setup a few social media accounts, tried to stay on top of them but got frustrated and quit. However you still see the value in having active accounts, but just don’t have the time to manage them yourself… that’s where we come in.
  • We share the content published to your blog to all your social media channels with messaging that is crafted specifically for each platform.
  • Social sharing is art, it’s a mixture of strategy, messaging, timing, platform and format. We speak the language.
I Like Sharing.


Here are some of the nice things people have said about us.

Jackson is extremely knowledgeable and has been a great resource to me for social media. When we looked at working together on the website, I didn’t realize how awesome it would look when it was done. I spent months looking for the right website designer and the costs I was looking at were insane.

Jackson was well within my budget and the results are amazing! Love it!

Sabeena Bubber

Mortgage Professional, Xeva Mortgage

When big news happens it’s amazing how many brokers share links back to newspapers instead of their own website. So when something big happens in the mortgage world, I can count on Jackson from KiltedMedia to cover it for me so I can share it with my referral sources & clients and direct them back to MY OWN website instead of a newspaper.

I highly recommend his services.

Scott Dawson

Mortgage Broker, Verico Elite Lending

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